Anastasia Skarlatoudi has more than 13 years` of experience in various levels of Interior Design services for commercial and residential projects.

With a unique talent  for the application of colour ,pattern, texture, scale and a fluent understanding of the principles of design. Each project is being approached with extensive knowledge of its context and purpose, as well as with open and inquiring mind. However, the quality of her work is not only based on her qualifications and skills but also in values of respect,  dedication, integrity and positive communication.

Since 2008  she is  working as a Freelance and self-employed Interior designer, and this enables her to understand both the nature of artistic professionals and the special challenges to run a business well and profitably. That’s  why she decided to follow Business Administration courses in Hellenic open University.  She is also a master Degree holder which confirms her high level of professionalism.

Anastasia she is a native of Thessaloniki . She loves movies and theatre. She was  medallist rower at a younger age, but she  still has the spirit of an athlete.

PUBLICATIONS : http://issuu.com/anast_skarla


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